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Employee Benefits

Our team can help you construct a quality and affordable benefit plan that may include the following products.

Medical Insurance
Employees often view health insurance as one of their most valuable benefits. Benefit plans may include Preferred Provider or Point of Service options, Flexible coinsurance and deductible amounts, Prescription drug options, Maternity coverage options and Mental health and lifestyle coverage options.

Dental Insurance
Business owners choose dental insurance that will compliment their existing health plan and satisfy the needs of their employees. Benefit plans may include: Flexibility in choosing deductibles, coinsurance and benefit maximums, employee only or family coverage, Orthodontic coverage and PPO plans, where available.

Vision Insurance
Helping employees take care of their vision is an important part of a well-rounded benefits package. Benefit plans may include: Employee only or family coverage, frame and lens coverage, annual or more frequent eye exam coverage, contact lens coverage, vision correction coverage and point of service plans.

Section 125 Plans
Made possible by section 125 of the IRS code, these plans offer employers a way to save taxes on their group benefit plans and offer employees a way to save taxes on money spent out-of-pocket for dependent care and medical expenses. Three types of Section 125 plans exist: Premium Only, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Full Cafeteria Plan. Money allocated to a Section 125 Plan is subtracted from the employee's taxable income. It is also free from employer-paid Social Security and Unemployment taxes.

401(k) Plans
The most powerful motivators for new 401(k) plans sponsors are business reasons--more than half of those surveyed believe that the plan has a positive impact on their ability to attract and retain quality employees as well as on the attitude and performance of their employees. Benefit plans may include: Flexible matching contribution amounts, a variety of vesting options, numerous investment vehicle choices, multiple plan administrator choices, loan provisions and balance transfers.

Group Disability Insurance
Enhance your benefit plan by adding disability insurance coverage. Benefit plans may include: Flexible beginning dates of benefits, partial disability benefits, rate guarantees and vocational rehabilitation assistance.

Group Life Insurance
Most companies offer basic group life insurance in which the employer pays some or all of the cost of coverage. Supplemental life insurance, additional insurance coverage that can be purchased by the employee, is also a popular benefit option. Benefit plans may include: Flexible schedules and maximums, benefit amounts based upon an employee's earnings, accidental death and dismemberment coverage and conversion options.

Long-Term Care Insurance
Promoting long-term care insurance to employees and their families can help foster goodwill.