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Business Solutions

Most successful businesses are born with an idea and grow with hard work. It takes foresight and a suitable strategy for these businesses to outlive their founders. No business can be successful without a long-range plan.

We provide innovative solutions to satisfy your individual business needs. We offer exclusive access to insurance products.

Business solutions to consider include:

Risk Management

Risk management includes ways to insure your business against some of the risks it will face. It also covers strategies that can help you protect yourself and your personal wealth. Issues to consider include:

  • How to deal with risk
  • Work related losses
  • Protecting key people
  • Protecting yourself and your family

Business Succession

The main issue in succession planning is to provide adequate funding when ownership of a business is transferred, so that it is accomplished with minimal difficulty. Life insurance, individual disability insurance and disability overhead expense insurance are key planning tools. These products provide the dollars needed to keep your business running smoothly. They also provide a fair share of the company's worth to all involved with minimal conflicts.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefit packages help attract and keep talented workers. Strategies that lower employee turnover enhance your business and help keep it on the path toward success.

Examples include:

  • Employee Group Health Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Executive Compensation Non-Qualified Plan Options
  • Split-Dollar Arrangements
  • Bonus Arrangements
  • Owner/Employee Planning
  • Cafeteria Plans

Personal Needs

It's difficult to separate the financial needs and goals of your business from your personal financial needs and goals. Often, it is the success of your business that allows you to realize important personal goals: owning a home, educating your children, developing and funding a plan to pass on your business, and retiring with financial independence. That's why it's important to consider an approach that addresses both your business and personal needs and where these needs intersect.

Finding the Right Solutions

When it comes to risk management, business succession, employee benefits and your own personal needs, There is no "one-size-fits-all"? approach. In most cases, the specifics are entirely dependent on the specifics of your life and the status of your business.

A business that is just getting off the ground will have very different needs from an established business looking to expand, just as a business owner with young children and a new mortgage faces different needs than the business owner who plans to retire in the next five years.

That's why our representatives work directly with you and your advisors-accountant, partner(s), legal counsel-and even your spouse or adult children to develop solutions appropriate for your needs and goals - solutions that also remain flexible enough to adapt to your needs and goals when your life demands it.